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Introducing Park Pursuit, a visual scavenger hunt for iOS and Android.
Park Pursuit is an interactive, mobile-based, scavenger hunt. This version contains 55 clues taken from Disney's Animal Kingdom Park and BYU Provo, with more to come.
The game is designed to allow scavenger hunts to be created anywhere in the world. However, living in Central Florida, the Disney Theme Parks seemed to be the natural place to start. As a bonus, we recently added 20 clues to seek from the Brigham Young University Campus in Provo, with more to come soon.
Park Pursuit began life as a team-building exercise that a former boss ran for us at Epcot a number of years ago. The clues were printed on multiple sheets of paper, duplicated, and distributed to teams. Each team had four hours to find as many clues as possible.
A few years later, I ran a similar scavenger hunt for my boy scout troop. We did one in the Magic Kingdom, and another in Disney's Animal Kingdom Park. One day, it occurred to me that a…
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Ionic + StencilHi, this is Mike Callaghan, and today I want to make a simple slot machine. This is a follow up to my recent video on creating my very first stencil web component. In that video, I added the component to an existing ionic app, but I really glossed over how that happens.
Today I'm going to go through the steps necessary to take an existing StencilJS web component, and create a working mobile app from scratch with the Ionic Framework that uses three instances of that component. The StencilJS componentLet's start with the web component. I created it a few weeks ago to see how to get CSS 3D animation working with Stencil. My goal was to create a component I could use multiple times on a page, without the component needing to know or care what the images are that it's animating, or how many there are. All of that is determined dynamically. Show the github repoI'm not going to go through the code here at all. Here is the public GitHub repo if you want to check t…