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Easy Agile Planning with Trello

When starting a new software project, your team has a lot of decisions to make. Not the least of which is how to track the features from initial design through completion. Trello can help make the entire process easy and painless. Let's jump right in.
Task Creation and Tracking Setup with Trello is fast. Simply go to the Trello web site, logon (or create an account), create an organization for your team, add members, and set up a new board. By default, your board will include three empty lists:
To DoDoingDone Though your lists can be modified at any time, this is a great place to start, and will allow you to create a backlog of stories and tasks quickly, without regard to importance, how long a task might take to accomplish, or who will end up implementing them.

Every feature and idea that anyone has is fair game at this stage. Create a new card in the "To Do" list for every idea, user story, or task you can think of. As long as a card is in this list, anyone can make cha…