Owin Startup Class

It seems that every time I start a new ASP.NET WebAPI project, I have to go out to the web to "remember" what I want in my OWIN Startup class. Not anymore. I added a GitHub Gist that I can copy (and add to) whenever I start a new project.

There should never be anything in that file that is proprietary, so I figured I'd open it up to the world, for comments, edits, etc.

What's in it so far:

  • Attribute Routing
  • Error Details
  • JSON as the default in the browser
  • Using camelCase with the default JSON serializer.
  • Comments to remind me which NuGet packages to install to make it all work.
Feel free to comment, fork, issue pull requests, etc. I'd like this to grow over time to become useful for anyone creating a new WebAPI application.


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