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What's Your Emergency? The Motivation Behind My Latest Pluralsight Course

Ionic and Electron for a Desktop AppBy now you’ve probably heard some of the excitement about Ionic, a tremendous framework for rapidly building high quality cross platform mobile apps. But using Ionic for building desktop apps? Maybe you think I’m joking, but I’m not. In this post I'm going to describe a modest desktop app using the Ionic Framework.

You may be asking yourself why bother using a mobile framework to build a desktop app? There are a few reasons that come to mind:
Perhaps you need an app that runs equally well on a mobile device, maybe an iPad or Android tablet, and you want the experience to match that of the desktop version.You and your users appreciate the simpler, cleaner experience that many mobile apps offer, and you want to duplicate that experience on the desktop.Or it could be that your development budget is tight, and you want to keep things as lean as possible.In my case, it’s a combination of all three. Whatever your motivations, starting with the Ionic Fra…